Do you care about Ireland’s treasures?

I assume you do care or you wouldn’t have joined An Taisce. As you know we have been acting as guardians of Ireland’s heritage for 70 years but now we need your help. It’s not just money (though of course more cash would allow us to buy more help) but practical help that we need, particularly to help us run a large membership organisation.

Our AGM is coming around soon on Saturday 8th June and this is an opportunity to get more involved. We need new Council members. Would you be interested in meeting like minded people from all over the country once every two months. You could be sharing information, overseeing the work of the Board and contributing to specific committees that cover our properties, planning and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the natural environment, education, our local associations and membership etc?

If that’s not for you perhaps you know someone else who might be persuaded?

Nearer the time we will be posting the notice of the AGM, which will include a nomination form for Council members. Please give this some serious thought. If you have some ideas but would prefer that we make the first approach please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].