Request from Stop Climate Chaos

By the end of 2014 Ireland will have a climate law. This is what the Minister for the Environment, Phil Hogan, has promised and we want to see him stick to his promise. But we need your help. Will you ask your local TDs to play their part in tackling climate change?

Passing legislation can take time. If we are to be in with a chance of seeing the Climate Bill passed into law before the end of the year, it must be published and debated in the Dáil before the summer holidays. This way there can be no excuses about running out of time in the autumn.

Getting the Bill debated before our elected representatives go off on summer holidays also means Ireland will have something concrete to offer when world leaders (including Enda Kenny) meet in New York in September to discuss their proposals for solving the climate crisis.

As a country with the second highest greenhouse gas emissions per person in Europe, we must be able to stand over our climate legislation, both at home and when we are speaking on the world stage. If Ireland could go to New York and tell the world that we are about to pass a strong, effective climate law that does what it is supposed to we could encourage others to do the same!

Ask your local TDto push for the Bill to be published and debated before the summer so that Enda isn't going empty-handed to New York in September and Ireland has a climate law before the end of the year. 

An Taisce is a member of Stop Climate Chaos