In its submission to the Government’s Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland, An Taisce is calling for a national energy policy that promotes reduction in energy consumption and will ensure all citizens are conscious of energy savings and how to secure them.

An Taisce recommends investing in energy use conservation, efficiency and renewable alternatives. For instance, retrofitting the national building stock for energy efficiency with an annual target of 100,000 homes to be upgraded to best achievable international standards will also give countrywide employment to the building industry.

Rather than cutting the demand for energy, the global trend is to increase the extraction rate of large scale open cast coal mining, to extend oil and gas exploration into new areas and to introduce problematic new technologies. Energy companies are in an exploration race to secure a level of fossil fuel extraction which is incompatible with the level of decarbonisation required to stabilise global climate at 2ºC average surface temperature above pre-industrial levels.

Tomás Bradley, Planning & Environmental Policy Officer, noted that: “Given its volatile energy position internationally, Ireland should strongly support grounds for energy conservation and efficiency measures. An Taisce is calling for the Department of Communication, Energy & Natural Resources to petition the European Union and its members to agree a 45% energy saving target for 2030. It is critical that the urgency of necessary rapid and deep decarbonisation is appreciated by the public and how they can help achieve this.”

In concluding its submission, An Taisce stated "the Energy Policy needs a strong focus on public engagement to increase the level of debate. Any transition to a low carbon future must be based on the reality of cumulative carbon budgets and be informed by the work of the IPCC and the monitoring of the EPA. Short-term political deference to local preferences and short-term cost saving will in the long-term prove costly both socially and economically".


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