The April 2015 Green Communities event was attended by between 30 and 40 people. This vegetable propagation workshop, by Stephen Alexander of Teagasc, covered planting, and the propagation of vegetable crops. Items covered also included organic slug control and disease resistant vegetable varieties.

This was followed by a talk on a wide variety of Herb Plants by Peter Cuthbert. These included Rosemary, Oregano, Mint, and Lemonbalm.

After these workshops a number or those attending helped with the planting of herb specimens provided by Peter Cuthbert, and Brassica plugs from Stephen Alexander within the new community garden.

Thanks are due to the Mendicity Centre for the use of their facilities, and also the Dublin Mens Shed Group for helping set up the workwshop and prepare lunch.

The day's weather was fantastic with bright sunshine on a cool fresh day. Warm sunny spring weather finally arrived on the first weekend of the month and lasted a week before being replaced by cold and unsettled weather. Throughout the last week the weather remained bright, and the temperature has slowly climbed back from cold to cool. The stop start arrival of Spring in April has also seen an epidemic of Peacock Butterflies.

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Robert Moss