On Friday the 6th of March 2015 the Bridgefoot Street Community Garden once again opened its gates to the public after being closed for around 4 years. The event was opened with an address by Bruce Phillips (DCC) followed by a talk about organic soil fertility from Robert Moss (An Taisce EEU). This addressed the nature and importance of fertile soil for plant health, disease resistance, and productive cultivation. After the initial planting ceremony lunch was organised by Mary Lynch of DCC. The rest of the afternoon was divided between workshops on soil conditioning and composting delivered by William Brennan, and with digging horse manure into the new community garden bed. Thanks are also due to David Healy of DCC, Charles Richards of the Mendicity Centre, and all of the many volunteers who came along to support Dublin's newest community garden.

Although the day began overcast the cloud cover was at a high level and the light good. Sunshine began to break out later in the afternoon as the wind subsided.

Addendum: · Fertile soil is among the most precious yet underrated of all resources. · Soil is not inanimate dirt but is actually “Living Earth” that teems with life. · A teaspoon full of soil contains more microscopic living organisms than there are people on the earth!

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Robert Moss