An Taisce has opposed Kilkenny’s Central Access Scheme every step since it was formally proposed in 2007 and made a major submission at the oral hearing in 2008 as well as written submissions at all stages. An Taisce also fought to preserve Nos.21-22 Vicar Street, which we believe the Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht should have designated the site as a national monument.

An Taisce continues to be dismayed that Kilkenny County Council is:

  • Demolishing the houses on Vicar Street
  • Extremely out of step with thinking on urban spaces and how they should develop in Ireland and abroad
  • Building a significant road that separates St Canice’s Cathedral from the historical core.
  • Driving a major road into the centre of Historical Kilkenny city
  • Facilitating and encouraging HGVs into the centre of the City
  • Actively creating an environment where cyclists, pedestrians, cars and HGVs share a common environment, contrary to best-practice traffic management
  • Ignoring and potentially damaging its tourist product
  • Jeopardising the future success of Kilkenny City as a centre for tourism
  • Wasting scarce money on a development that will be reversed when Ireland and particularly Kilkenny County Council recognise international traffic standards
  • Squandering the work of countless public servants and private individuals over the last 50 years that have protected the historic centre of Kilkenny City.
  • Damaging significantly the investment by Faille Ireland of €5.5m on the medieval mile.

An Taisce is and has always been completely opposed to this development in its entirety.

However, An Taisce met Kilkenny County Council in April 2014 when they agreed the Late Medieval Gable would be retained. This commitment should be acknowledged and welcomed. This retention does not make what is happening acceptable or reduce the clear opposition of An Taisce and many other residents of Kilkenny and visitors to this development. This is clearly a travesty.


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