There is a new public awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing, clean air,
reduced noise pollution, appreciation of nature and access to parks and amenity,
particularity for those with young children.

This safe enjoyment for users of the Phoenix Park now needs to be ensured. In particular there is a conflict with increased use of the park by families walking and cycling with children on spaces shared with cars.

There has been an incremental increase in car parking decade by decade, through a combination of direct construction of tarmacadam areas and allowing continued
increase in numbers of parked cars, particularly in a linear strip along Chesterfield
Avenue. It is widely recognised that this is hugely damaging to the character and
amenity of the park.

The overarching objectives for the future of the Phoenix Park should be:

Biodiversity and heritage landscape enhancement, making the park a special place
for families and the public at large to walk and cycle in a car-free environment.

A timetabled plan for the progressive reduction of car parking and elimination of
through-traffic integrated with enhanced public transport a and coordinated scheme
by the Dublin local authorities for sustainable transport investment in safe cycling route
access to the Park, including from south of the River Liffey

Where commuter access to the city arises from locations with inadequate public
transport, provision of appropriately-located park and ride facilities to public transport
will be required to obviate the generation of through-traffic through the park.
Special consideration is needed to ensure access needs for staff and visitors of St.
Mary’s Hospital and adjoining Cheshire Home are accommodated as well as other
residents in the park.

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