New Year, New You: the end of the year is always the best time to start thinking about what we want to achieve in the next year and to write down our New Year’s resolutions. Despite our best intentions, these resolutions can sometimes be hard to stick to.   

With climate change and climate action being hot topics, some people might choose a New Year’s Resolution to become greener in 2023 and help our planet and marine environment. While it’s good to dream big and be ambitious, deciding to have a huge New Year’s resolution or pledging to do too many things to be greener, could feel overwhelming and end up discouraging people from achieving their goals.   

For this reason, with the “New Year, New You” video campaign, Clean Coasts are asking people to choose a realistic and achievable New Year’s resolution, that people can stick to through the year: a #2minutebeachclean. 

We have all seen the evidence of marine litter along Ireland’s coastline and now for all you beach lovers out there here’s an opportunity to do something about it in just 2 minutes! We are asking everyone who goes to the beach to do their very own #2minutebeachclean.  

Is 2 minutes really enough to make a difference? 

People may think 2 minutes is a very short time to make a difference, but small actions add up to make a big difference. Every piece of plastic removed from the marine environment is no longer a danger to our marine life and environment.  

Each #2minutebeachclean is estimated to weigh in at 1-2KG. If everybody in Ireland does a #2minutebeachclean per month in 2023, that’s over 100,000 tonnes of litter removed from our ocean. 

I pledge to do a 2 minute beach clean, send me a kit!