The Wexford LA held a very enjoyable dinner on 7th March that was addressed by Mark Clinton and whose subject was "Ring Forts and the Quaker Connection". This specifically referred to the Corlican Ring Fort that has been used as a Quaker graveyard and which the LA is taking in charge. Two members of the Society of Friends were in attendance. Mark's extremely well researched talk was fascinating and revealing and leaves the way open for further reasearch into this unique site which may well have also served as a small redoubt for Cromwell in his march on New Ross and as a graveyard for a number of his soldiers.

The AGM was held a few days later and resulted in our electing Patricia Byrne as the new Chair. Patricia is well known locally for work in the Field Club and other flora oriented activities. The Treasurer's resume showed a balance in hand of some €480.

We look forward to some more informative and socially enjoyable outings this coming year.

Planning matters this year have been very slack as very few Planning Applications were validated in Wexford in 2013/14 and the decision to transfer the majority of referrals to Head Office is partly to conform to the new Electronic notification system and to keep HO informed on the most urgent planning issues.

Tim Ryan outgoing Chair.