Over 2800 students from across 10 EU countries have just completed an exciting project on
“Cities as Urban Ecosystems” where they worked with over 300 stakeholders to engage in
environmental measurements and activities to better understand some of the greatest
sustainability challenges faced by cities.

The 3-year EU Horizon 2020 funded PULCHRA project supported and encouraged teachers
and students to implement projects concerning their local city environment using the ‘open
schooling’ concept where schools leverage local expertise to guide their projects. City
challenges investigated by students included the circular economy, mobility patterns,
powering cities without harming the environment, and the most popular challenge chosen by
students; regenerating urban spaces to connect people in a healthy environment.

While these are complex challenges requiring interdisciplinary approaches, students
alongside their community achieved fantastic results managing, among many other
examples, to regenerate their local areas by greening-up urban space, changing mobility
patters, investigating alternatives to plastic, and raising awareness of urban ecosystems in
their local areas.

The PULCHRA project resources remain available on the PULCHRA Platform for students
across Europe to continue working with their communities to investigate some of this
generations greatest challenges and develop innovative skills in research and problem-

*Country participants included Greece, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania,
Italy, Latvia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Sweden.


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