An Taisce is disappointed with the Environmental Protection Agency’s granting of permission to Teagasc to carry out field trials on a genetically modified (GM) potato line with improved resistance to late potato blight.

During the consultation period An Taisce made a submission to the EPA calling for Ireland to remain GM free in order to preserve our image as a ‘green and pure country’ and allow for future promotion of this image. Research on GM crops on farmland Biodiversity in the UK, which was carried out on more than 200 plots, has demonstrated worrying trends. Bees and butterflies were found to be 68% fewer in the GM fields. This is at a time they are under stress which endangers their massive value in providing pollination services. The field margins of GM crops were also found to contain significantly reduced biodiversity.

Bord Bia have launched their Green Origin programme which aims to improve the sustainability of Irish food and drink sector. This highlights the disconnect between the different government bodies, as the granting of the GM potato trial weakens Ireland’s green credibility. An Taisce maintain that Ireland should remain GM free.


For further information, please call:

Charles Stanley-Smith An Taisce Communications 087 2411995 [email protected]