An Taisce, The National Trust for Ireland, was today granted their application by the High Court for leave to judicially review a decision from the Department of Environment, Community & Local Government to grant a Foreshore Licence to Providence Resources Ltd for survey and drilling in Dublin Bay, in an area about 6 km off Dalkey.

An Taisce contends that the decision was not in conformance with the provisions of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive. An Taisce is also concerned that a failure in the national legislative framework, on which this decision was made, has implications for drilling both offshore and onshore.

An Taisce understands that subsequent to the grant of the licence, some or all of the area covered by the licence or an area adjoining has become the subject of a proposed designation as a Special Area of Conservation. This acknowledges its ecological importance.

The heritage and ecological value of the Dublin Bay area is of critical importance, for a number of protected habitats and species including various bird species and cetaceans (e.g whales, dolphins and porpoises). Not only does the bay provide an important and critical habitat but also a wonderful amenity for Dubliners and tourists, both national and international to enjoy and respect.

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