In continuation of the professional dialogue that took place in Kilkenny last week, An Taisce - The National Trust for Ireland, and Kilkenny County Council agreed today agreed the following points at a meeting:

  • The County Council will retain the Renaissance gable wall at No. 22 Vicar St.
  • An independent report will be undertaken to ensure no compression can take place under any future road. Furthermore, no services (e.g. piping, ducting) will in future years be placed into the undisturbed archaeological layers under the proposed road.
  • Excavations will continue south of the gable of No. 22 Vicar St with discussions to continue in a colloquial approach after the dig is complete.
  • As Kilkenny County Council takes possession of the Diageo site, there will be more extensive excavations to interpret the Renaissance house at Vicar St and determine its full extent.
  • Further discussions will continue regarding archaeology and a colloquial approach will also be adopted for St Francis Abbey on the Diageo site.
  • Both An Taisce and Kilkenny County Council agreed that the format of the colloquium approach is a positive public policy instrument for policy formulation, project development and project management.
  • An Taisce and Kilkenny County Council will continue working together on the An Taisce Green Schools programme, and explore additional options to increase walking, cycling and bus travel to school.
  • An Taisce and Kilkenny County Council will also work together on carbon footprinting on the Diageo site as well as sharing experiences on low-energy lighting.

Returning to the archaeological investigations currently underway, Kilkenny County Council and An Taisce will meet again when new reports are available to continue the dialogue.

Kilkenny County Council maintains the view that the proposed bridge should be constructed. An Taisce does not agree with the proposed river crossing as it is currently planned. Both parties agreed to respect each other differences on this point.

For further information, please call:

James Nix, Policy Director, An Taisce Tel: +353 86 8394129 Charles Stanley-Smith, Communications Chair, An Taisce Tel: +353 87 2411995

email: [email protected]