It has come to our attention that there is an error in the matrix used to calculate the score and ranking for individual councils. We apologise for this.

In our original calculations, we felt that Indicator 1 (Overzoning) gave unfair advantage to City Councils, because as cities are mostly zoned, it is significantly more difficult to overzone a city. So we only counted the other 7 indicators. Unfortunately in finalising the report we omitted to explain this.

The re-issued report shows the corrected positions.

While there is some movement of councils in terms of grading (except Mayo who improve 7 places), there is no impact on the key messages of the report, including that there is a strong correlation between councils that have scored poorly and a range of negative socio-economic and environmental outcomes.

Similarly, other key conclusions of the report, such as the need for a Planning Regulator, as recommended by the report of the Mahon Tribunal, the need to recommence independent inquiries into planning allegations, and the need to reform local governance by taking a more regional approach can be re-emphasised.