Today has seen the launch of the Heritage Protection Alliance of Ireland (HPAoI). Sharing in the one and common cause, the HPAoI is a new alliance of active heritage protection interests coming together as the one umbrella group. The current amount of destruction that is occurring at key specific sites is symptomatic of an island-wide malaise. There is a pattern of systemic destruction; Tara is in the headlines now, but in itself it is only emblematic of a much wider and deeper epidemic. It is for this reason that these local active groups and academics have come together. "Carelessness, ignorance, selfishness or ruthlessness could create a conflict between the pursuits of economic progress and the protection of Ireland's inherited riches" Robert Lloyd Praegar, founder of An Taisce. Conservation of our architectural and archaeological heritage has remained one of An Taisce's primary functions We are accordingly pleased to be working with people of the highest professional regard and integrity. It is our shared and common belief the issue of heritage protection is both of interest and importance to a sizable part of the population of Ireland. Other local heritage groups have been invited to join the alliance and undoubtedly will act accordingly. Again in the words of Robert Lloyd Praegar "It is time a solid body of public opinion was organized to safeguard our treasures both of the past and of the present, for the benefit both of ourselves and our successors" Our heritage protection legislation was once the envy of Europe; no longer. It is a key objective of the HPAoI that the pre-2004 National Monuments Acts be reinstated. The economy certainly, but not at the cost of the environment.

For further information, please call Dr. Mark Clinton of An Taisce's National Monuments & Antiquities Committee, Tel: +353 85 109 2473