After torrential rain in the morning around 8 am the day then began to clear and develop into a bright and sunny, albeit cold day. Transport to Julianstown was predominantly by mini bus provided by the Crumlin Community Guards. After collecting participants at Pearse College we then moved on to Bridgefoot Street Community Garden. Initially attendance did not look great, but soon after 11 am, and a number of visits to O'Rourke's Cafe, we then departed with a full bus, and car load of green Communities volunteers. Upon arrival at Julianstown Community Garden we met up with our hosts Claire and Niamh, along with other Julianstown gardeners and further car loads of participants. In all 27 people attended an informal tour of the garden that included much munching of freshly picked apples, puzzling over what to do with Medlars, and taking a wheel barrow full of Strawberry transplants. By 1 pm we were beginning to feel the cold up on the exposed ridge where the garden is located, and made plans to head off for lunch. This was provided by Julianstown Community Gardeners within the Parish Hall, which was on the way to Sonairte - our next destination. The lunch was much appreciated, and the warm parsnip soup and sandwiches were ideal for reviving us after the cold. At Sonaite we had some time to wonder among the orchards, poly-tunnels and soft fruit beds prior to a talk on Bee keeping for gardeners by Liam McGarry of County Dublin Bee Keepers Association. Unfortunately time ran out before everyone could ask all the questions that they had, and the mini bus had to return to Dublin. A few of us travelling by car were able to linger and walk around the gardens and nature reserve. This allowed us to collect blackberries, rose hips, and to gorge on late season raspberries within the garden. Many thanks to Sonairte, Julianstown Community Garden, Crumlin Community Guards, Damian Kirwan, and William Brennan.