It's time to #RestoreNature


Join our call to bring nature back to Europe! 

Nature restoration means growing biodiversity, fighting the climate crisis, taking back and reclaiming what belongs to nature. Restoration is urgently needed to bring nature back to Europe and build Europe’s resilience.  

The EU Nature Restoration Law can be the winning chance to make it all happen if adopted soon and strong. 

Restoring is caring: about humanity, about our planet, about the future. Restoring is not only possible but mandatory. Let’s make it happen now! 

#RestoreNature - now! 

 Our survival depends on it. 


Take action to restore nature!

  1. At the link above, fill in the fields to send the email to your Ministers and Members of the European Parliament, asking them to support a strong EU Nature Restoration Law.
  2. Want to include your own message in the email? You can add a personal message to remind decision-makers why they need to act.

Show our policy-makers what our world could look like if we brought nature back!

  1. Take or upload a picture of a landscape you would like to see restored (but don't worry if you can't, we've got images to choose from too).
  2. Add (click & drag) 'nature stickers' to the image to bring nature back to life. See the example below!
  3. Click ‘Publish’ to share the picture with your Ministers and Members of the European Parliament, together with your message calling for a strong EU Nature Restoration Law.

Our common letter to decision-makers

Dear Ministers and Members of the European Parliament,

We, the undersigned EU citizens, urge you to express your support for a strong EU Nature Restoration Law and to adopt it by the end of 2023. We are scared: biodiversity loss and climate breakdown are putting the survival of our planet, and humankind itself, in jeopardy. As nature continues to decline, droughts, floods and fires are becoming increasingly frequent; they are already claiming lives and risking food security while destroying livelihoods, the planet and the economy. The science is very clear and we can’t ignore it any longer: we must act now.

Luckily, there is a simple solution at our disposal: nature itself! When given a chance, and with a helping hand, nature has a remarkable ability to bounce back. Restoring nature means restoring our greatest ally in tackling the climate and biodiversity crises, restoring our health and overall well-being, and restoring the resilience of our economies.

Pioneering nature restoration projects have been taking shape across Europe to the benefit of local communities, biodiversity and climate. For instance, forest restoration from Finland to Portugal has seen the return of natural, healthy forests with recovering wildlife. Wetlands restoration from Ireland to Romania has resulted in better flood and drought protection, and the revival of regional eco-tourism. Restoring rivers across Europe to their free-flowing state has allowed the return of teeming wildlife, while also providing a sufficient supply of clean water to the local inhabitants. In our seas, restored areas have helped revive nearly-extinct fish populations, securing additional jobs and increased revenue. And these are only a few examples of what is possible.

With your support for the EU Nature Restoration Law that ensures legally-binding targets to restore ecosystems, these benefits can become a reality for everyone in Europe. You have the chance to safeguard a future where both nature and people can flourish together. We count on you to make this happen, the power is in your hands. Let’s restore nature, now!

Kind Regards,