An Taisce's young Climate Change intern Alannah Ní Cheallaigh - Mhuirí has just launched a campaign to make Climate Change a Doorstep issue.

Alannah Ní Cheallaigh - Mhuirí stated

"I have set up a facebook page (my own initiative) about having put a sign up on my door for canvassers about climate change. The idea came to me from coming home after work to find little dockets saying canvassers had missed me. I was missing opportunities to express my views on Climate Change!"

She continued

"I had to do something. So I put my a notice on my door to make canvassers aware that Climate change is a doorstep issue, and is a priority for many Irish people. I took photos and today I made a facebook page for people to do the same."

In a message, echoed my many young people she said

"If we don’t start to decarbonise our economy immediately, we will be contributing to climate change and all of its physical and social ramifications, which we and those after us will be powerless to reverse. Our forbears wanted their children to grow up in a world better and fairer than the one they had been born into. In pursuit of supposed progress we have drifted off course of that aim."

"Climate change will materially alter the lives of every person of this country over the coming decades. I, being 24, hope to see a few more of those yet and if I have children I want to believe that they will not be born into a world plummeting blindly towards climate chaos."

Please support Alannah by printing her notice, attaching it to you door, taking a photo of it and posting it on the facebook page?

A copy of the notice is here

An Taisce has a set of 7 Climate Change questions that you can ask the canvassers


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