The operations committee is an opportunity for staff and volunteers to meet on a regular occasion to share information with each other and the Board to improve communications between all sections of the organization.

  • The committee shall comprise all members of staff from Head Office, the Advocacy Unit, Properties and a representative from the Education Unit.

  • A Board member will attend whenever possible

  • The committee will take place in Tailors’ Hall every Monday at 10am unless it is a bank holiday in which case it will be Tuesday at 10am.

  • The meetings will be chaired by the Office Manager or in the absence of the office manager, then the committee will decide at the beginning of the meeting who will chair and take notes.

  • A record of the meetings shall be kept on a rolling basis on Google drive.

  • The functions of the meeting are:

    • For staff to share information on work currently in hand in each unit, particularly but not only where joint action is required;

    • For conveying board to staff communications and vice versa via the board-staff liaison person;

    • For staff to address collective work (i.e. employment) issues as necessary and appropriate  (The Education Unit representative may not wish to remain for this section as their staff issues have a different forum.)

  • The Office Manager will include a brief report on Operations Committee meetings in their regular report to the Board.

Approved in 2017.