An Taisce welcomes this consultation period on the implementation of Marine Strategy Framework Directive and the opportunity to make a submission with regard to same.

1.0 Introduction

Ireland needs to set an exemplary standard in the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive 2008/56/EC. This should be a key part of Ireland’s wider role is promoting action on the overriding threats to the global marine environment through ocean warming acidification and overfishing, both through national initiative, and through membership of the EU and UN IPCC process and other international structures. The Marine Strategy Framework Directive requires a comprehensive Initial Assessment Report under Article 8, Determination of Good Environmental Status under Article 9 and Establishment of Environmental Targets and Associated Indicators under Article 10, and the putting in place of monitoring structures under Article 11. The Initial Assessment should have been submitted to the European Commission by 15 July 2012. The document submitted now seeks to telescope the requirements set out in Articles 8 to 10 of the Directive.

2.0 Consideration of Issues and Data Raised In Report

2.1 Anthropogenic Greenhouse Gases and Ocean Warming and Acidification

2.2 Seabed Habitats

2.3 Fish Species

2.4 Nutrient Enrichment

2.5 Aquaculture

2.6 Oil and Gas Drilling

2.7 Renewable Energy in Marine Environment

2.8 Cultivation of Marine Biomass

3.0 Marine Protected Areas

4.0 Meeting Requirements of Directive

Download the submission here.