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The Shannon LNG applicants say they are “confident that it can source gas from non-fracked sources”, but they have not provided any details on the sourcing of the gas. This leaves the door wide open to fracked gas being imported, which goes against government policy.

Regardless, both fracked and conventional LNG are NOT climate solutions. Gas is often called a "clean" fossil fuel but that’s misleading.

While it burns cleaner than oil and coal, it has significant life cycle emissions which erase any climate benefits.

An Taisce submits the following:

  • That the proposal contravenes the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 2021 and associated policies;

  • That the proposal contravenes Government policy on the importation of fracked gas;

  • That the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Natura Impact Statement (NIS) are deficient and do not meet the obligations of the EIA and Habitats Directives, respectively;

  • That applicant’s justifications for the proposed development on grounds of energy security, the decarbonisation of Ireland’s energy system, and the use of gas as a transition fuel are flawed.

An Taisce strongly recommend that An Bord Pleanála refuse permission for the proposed development.

Read our full submission here.

The application documents, including the Environmental Impact Assessment, can be found here:

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