1. Council meetings shall be the second Saturday of June, September, October, December, February and April unless noted otherwise in the meeting agenda, or the draft minutes of the previous meeting.

  2. The agenda shall be circulated by email at least one week before the Council Meeting.

  3. The draft minutes of the meeting shall be circulated no more than one week after the Council meeting.

  4. Members in good standing are welcome to attend meetings of Council as observers without speaking or voting rights.

  5. The quorum for Council meetings shall be 8, as Article 42.

  6. Members of Council may attend the staff meetings which are typically held in Tailors' Hall on Monday mornings. Check in advance if you are going to attend.

  7. Council Elected Members, Co-opted Members, the President and the Immediate Past President may appoint another member of the Council as a proxy if they cannot attend the meeting. Proxies must be in writing and declared at the beginning of the Council meeting. In writing includes the sending of an email from the Member appointing the proxy to [email protected].

  8. Committee Chairs and Local Association Delegates are to circulate reports at least 48 hours in advance of Council meetings to be taken as read. (April 2016)

  9. Meetings of Council shall generally be seated in a round table manner. (April 2016)

  10. Motions to Council should be formally proposed and seconded, and taken with a show of hands or poll. The proposers shall be minuted along with the result. (June 2016)