Legacy4LIFE - Food Security

In the latest blog from Legacy4LIFE, Francesca Loughran gives her perspective on food security in the context of Ireland's role in global & domestic food security. Read more

Legacy4LIFE - Summer Update

In this blog, Project Co-ordinator of Legacy4LIFE, Karen Mahon, gives an update on the project Read more

Into the West...On a Greenway

In his latest blog, An Taisce member Eric Conroy reflects on his recent trip along the Limerick Greenway. Read more

Take Action on Vacancy

Concerned about a vacant or deteriorating old building in your area? Read our blog post on how you can contact your Planning Enforcement Department. Read more

You Are What You Eat: Is There Life After Steaks?

In his latest blog, An Taisce member Eric Conroy reflects on trying to reduce meat and dairy in his diet. Read more

Teagasc Sustainable Food Systems Seminar

Robert Moss of our Legacy4Life project team reports on the Teagasc Sustainable Food Systems seminar that took place in on June 3rd 2022 at the Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre in Dublin 15. Read more

The Heritage of Ukraine

Dr. Mark Clinton outlines the devastating impact of war on Ukraine's rich and diverse heritage. Read more

To Car or Not to Car

In his latest blog, An Taisce member Eric Conroy shares why and how he gave up his car to reduce emissions. Read more

Take Action for Clean Air

Take action to protect the very air you breathe. Share your views on the Government's draft Clean Air Strategy. Read more

Phoenix Park State of Mind

An Taisce member Eric Conroy writes on the very special institution that is the Phoenix Park. Read more

Protecting Heritage for Future Generations

For World Heritage Day, Dr. Mark Clinton writes about the vulnerability of build heritage and monuments in the face of climate change. Read more