Urban wildlife sanctuary covered in mature trees and saplings

The site, covered in mature trees and saplings, is located on Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4 (N 53' 24'' W 06' 16''). Locally known as the Grove, it provides example of conservation management in urban setting and potential for environmental education as a demonstration of an urban wildlife garden. The site was donated on the premise that it would be preserved and maintained as a green area and a nesting place and sanctuary for birds and an amenity for the citizens of Dublin. It was never built on because of the Swan River which runs underground nearby. The site is one of the few examples of woodland in the Dublin City area with much of the other green spaces being used as parks. Despite its small size the property supports a wealth of wildlife including bats, sparrowhawks, frogs and foxes. An Taisce have been carrying out a series of events in 2016 to increase biodiversity within the site. Our vision for the property is that it will be a safe haven for wildlife and a space where children and adults can learn about nature.

Area (in hectares): 0.50
Title Type: Freehold
Acquired from: Miss Kathleen Goodfellow
Date acquired: 6th October 1979
An Taisce Local Association: Dublin City
Open by appointment for research
Admission free
Admission during events
Location: Morehampton Road, Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Entrance Longitude: 
Entrance Latitude: