From our previous blog you know our Cork City An Taisce member Michael grows vegetables and herbs in his back garden. But did you know he also grows fruit trees with his neighbors in a community garden?!

It all began when Michael and his neighbors started meeting on a common grassy, sloped area located on their street. They would be out with the kids or going for a walk and discussions of the space’s potential emerged. 

This included small changes, such as letting the grass grow, and before they knew it, tips were being shared about growing on the communal green. The community banded together, pitched in a few quid and started growing fruit trees. 

Now, their community orchard has 20 trees, including apple, pear and plum!

Collectively motivated by their children, Michael explains the light bulb moment came amidst climate change red warnings and thinking about what they, as a community, could do.

From growing in the communal area and in gardens, the group is more aware of the effort and labour that goes into growing food, better understand the importance of food security and thoughtfully value the hands that feed us. 

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