Now is the time to plan for planting apples this autumn. Apple trees have flowers for pollinators, and fruit for people and wildlife. They suit greens in housing estates, parks, gardens and farms. 

Choose a sunny site with some good soil. Plan now and plant bare root in winter for best results. 


The most important thing to bear in mind is to plant an apple you like to eat! So buy Irish apples now when they're coming in season, and note varieties or attend an apple festival or tasting event near you.


Next is the rootstock. Every apple is grafted onto rootstock that dictates tree size and vigour. Very dwarf trees have small roots, so need lots TLC- staking, watering and feeding, larger rootstocks are more robust.

M26 is a good halfway house rootstock. It'll be 3-4m tall and hold itself up, while an M106 is bigger again. 


Check rootstock size when buying your apple, it should be on the label, if not buy elsewhere.


Lynn O'Keeffe, DSc horticulture

An Taisce member

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