Meet An Taisce member and grower, Zeina! 

Zeina lives in Clonskeagh, Dublin and has a small, south-facing garden. 

Growing up, Zeina had become well acquainted with harvesting and weeding through her father, an agricultural engineer. 

Zeina began growing herself after her father visited and suggested she and her partner try tomatoes. The two availed of his knowledge, ringing with questions that sprung along the way--from how to space seedlings to the colouring of leaves.

Zeina and her partner made small beds from leftover timber, and used a chicken manure pallet mix from a garden centre together with ground soil to get started. Today, they have successfully grown a wide range of veggies and herbs, including french beans, tomatoes, garden peas, strawberries, potatoes, garlic, courgettes, and onions. 

There are a plethora of benefits of growing, according to Zeina. Eating your very own produce and making relish come out on top, as well as the therapy of simply stepping into the garden, and soaking in nature. 

Zeina continues to grow, with the help, encouragement and inspiration of her family and online growing community. 

As a member of An Taisce, she is happy to support and be a part of a community that cares about heritage, nature, and climate, and loves to grow!  

Take a look at Zeina’s great plants and read below for her top growing tips.

Zeina’s Top Tips


As the plant get bigger, remove any shoots that are growing between the main stem and the leaves’ shoots so that the plant keeps growing higher.

French Beans

Get the dwarf variety so you can grow in hanging pots and and it doesn't take up too much space.

Garden Peas

Make a tripod out of branches and position the plants around it so they can crawl and grow on the branches.

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