Celebrate National Heritage Week with all things compost. Soil is at the heart of nature and growing. It's the foundation of plant life.

Composting is a fantastic way of re-purposing waste and creating peat-free and nutrient-rich compost for growing. It's about re-connecting with the earth and going back to our roots.

For a long time horticulture and growing has depended on peat-compost. We have seen the devastation this has had on our bogs and peatlands.

We need to transition away from peat-compost and embrace alternatives.  Composting is a great start. Watch our event to hear how you can act to save peatlands.

Craig Benton, known as Dr. Compost, here in Ireland and a co-founder of the Stop Food Waste programme, talks about how to start composting at home.

This webinar covers the biology and essentials of composting including what can and should not be composted, explains the four systems that can be used for composting food scraps and/or garden trimmings including, simple compost bins, turning systems, mulching and wormeries, and finishes with how to use compost around your home.

Even for those that are already composting, this webinar will give you tips on how you can improve your composting technique.

Webinar slides
Wormery Info Sheet

This event is part of National Heritage Week. 

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