Here at An Taisce we believe heritage and nature is for everyone, everywhere.

The pandemic has taught us many things. Not least, we have rediscovered the joy and importance of mother nature. For many An Taisce members, gardening and growing have been vital for minding health and well-being during this isolating and challenging time. 

We all should be able to enjoy nature and grow plants where we live. Yet many people in Ireland live in towns and cities in housing with little or no garden. 

As we see the increasing impact of climate change on our weather and wildlife, learning about growing and composting is something we can do together to help protect biodiversity and create a soil-cycle by producing nutrient-rich compost from green waste. 

Our brand new Compost for Nature guide is now available! Download here: Compost for Nature

For years, the garden and landscape industry has been selling us peat moss as “compost.” In reality, this is an inaccurate use of the term “compost.” Peat moss and compost are very different. Peat is produced over thousands of years in a waterlogged bog without air. On the other hand, compost is made in less than a year from the decomposition of plant material in the presence of oxygen.

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We can't wait to launch our new composting guide during Heritage Week 2021 on Tuesday August 17th and spread the word about the wonders of peat-free compost (it’s great!). Book your place on our composting event through Eventbrite.


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